The term aqua vitae was used in the 14th century by the alchemist John of Rupescissa, who considered the newly discovered substance ethanol to be an imperishable and life-giving "fifth essence" or quintessence, and studied its medicinal properties in detail.

Spring Water

our most valuable commodity

The Harz also gives us our most important ingredient par excellence: fresh and pure mountain spring water. Before we are allowed to use it, it undergoes a complex, natural special treatment.  

natural filter, there is no softer water...

The Harz moors are among the best preserved in Europe and have retained their natural originality. Their formation dates back to the end of the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago. About 2,000 hectares of the national park are boggy and act as a valuable filter and water reservoir.

Upland Moors
Aqua Vitae, the fifth essence

"the fifth essence" 

Artisan clean distilled organic ethanol  - the absolute purity is crucial for the smoothness of the later spirit.

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