How do you actually make a good gin?

About distillation technique and maturation

In fact, a good gin is not about the most exclusive recipe or the most exotic ingredient. It's about honest craftsmanship and the excellence and absolute quality of the ingredients and uncompromising care in processing.

It takes: 
- high quality botanicals 
- velvety water 
- perfection in the distilling technique

Sounds simple? Actually it is!  

Copper Still

Our distillation philosophy

Before we give our gin its well-deserved rest to mature, the valuable ingredients must of course first be distilled after maceration and percolation. For this purpose, we have a Carter head still, designed by ourselves and perfectly matched to the distillation of Gin. A unique as it can't be better for Gin. We use several distillation columns and of course an aroma basket for the delicate herbs. 

In order to safely separate the desired from the undesired aromas, we triple distill very gently with careful warm-up phases. What later aromatically and beguilingly drips from our beloved Still is not immediately brought down to drinking strength, that would indeed be a mistake. The flavours and essential oils first want to merge with the alcohol, and this is best done in overproof. This is profanely referred to as esterification. But so much more happens, almost a transformation. Maturation after distillation is important for the emergence, manifestation and composition of aromas and flavors. We call this process odeurization.  

It takes time for this! Hard to say when the miraculous transformation is complete. This is determined by the soul of the distillate and, this assumption is obvious, also by the ambient temperature. There is no other way, we have to sniff out the condition regulary. Only when it is perfect the marriage with the water takes place, a volume contraction is the reaction of this wedding. Reduced to drinking strength, the tasting is also more fun. Nevertheless, from now on it needs three more months for perfect harmony, because the water again brings unrest to the spirits. Three months are an experience value, longer doesn't harm, but is also not helping (its not a whiskey, isn't it). 

But then it's good. Very good, in fact.


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