Gin Tonic - perfect serve

Hartingowe  Gin Tonic


Uncompromising quality, outstanding taste

Our Hartingowe Gin is triple distilled on a Carter Head still, non-chill filtered and aged undiluted for months as Brute d'Alembic at 80% vol. Produced without compromise to the highest quality standard for gin, as London Gin, by distilling all botanicals and bottled without any additives. Hartingowe Gin contains neither sugar or coloring nor artificial flavors.

A total of twenty high-quality herbs, spices and berries find their way into our gin, providing a smooth and lasting texture and a fresh yet spicy-aromatic flavor profile.

International Spirits Awards

Hartingowe Gin -  ISW Gold - DLG Gold

After aging, we bring the original proof down to drinking strength of 47%vol., using a valuable natural resource, the soft and mild spring water from the Harz Mountains. 

The composition of the natural essential oils extracted from the botanicals indeed demands a sufficient alcohol content so that the valuable fragrance and flavor components remain in solution even at lower temperatures. 47%vol. has proven to be ideal and gives our distillate a volatile, warm top note and a persistent depth of aroma.

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