The Aroma Gin from the Harz Mountains

Only with the highest quality botanicals triple distilled Small Batch Craft Gin. Distilled on our Carter Head Still in small batches. Diluted to 47%vol. with the purest Harz Spring Water and matured for at least 3 months.

National and international award winning gin

A total of twenty herbs, spices and berries find their way into our Hartingowe Dry Gin, providing a smooth, lasting texture and a fresh yet spicy-aromatic flavor profile.

Hartingowe Dry Gin is produced according to the strict criteria of a London Dry Gin and is triple distilled, contains no artificial flavors and the natural botanicals are added exclusively at the beginning of the distillation process.


We have gladly borrowed the High German word Hartingowe, the old naming for the Harz region, as name for our regional Gin. We like the reference to the region to be reflected in the naming and believe that the name also fits well with the character of our Gin.

In the Middle Ages, between the end of antiquity and the beginning of modern times, today's Harz was called silva hercyniae in Latin writings. It was first mentioned in a deed in 814, in the writings of the Carolingian Emperor Louis I, who was also called Louis the Pious. He was no less than the son and successor of the famous Charlemagne and referred to the region as Hartingowe, meaning "the districts of Harting". Harting, in turn, derives from the High German form Hardt or Hart as an expression for a mountain forest or a wooded mountain range. Later, the term Harz was formed, which is still used today.

Ansicht auf den Brocken

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Säulen Destillierapparat

Parrot & alcometer


Body and soul of a good Distillate

A Carter Head Still is a column still with a second "hat" for the botanicals. In the hat, only steam passes through the botanicals. Due to the lower temperature in the Carter Head, we obtain rounder and more subtle flavours and the overall quality is significantly better than with a pure maceration.


Alcohol proof control


Sight Tower with copper bubble caps


Gin Basket Column

Torfhaus Harz

Photo: © fotoweberei


Mother Nature has never been so spectacular

The waters and rivers with their distinct mountain stream character play an important role in the entire Harz region. Compared to other natural regions, they are very close to nature and are characterized by high structural diversity and very clean water. This is more than beneficial to our Hartingowe Gin.

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